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Welcome to Shri Rajendra High School & Junior College

Shri Rajendra Highschool was established on 1st July 1953. Only to get the better education. to the student from poor family and student who were not getting the admission in any other school were given admission. Failure student having no background of educational environment were admitted in the school. Now the school run Higher English, Marathi, and Lower English Medium.The school has about 4 thousand strength.

Shri Rajendra English Primary School

Shri. Rajendra English Primary was founded in 1967. The initiative was taken by Late Shri. V.V. Nahatkar. He understand the need of the English Medium school. He received the Scholarship of Government of India. He was selected to take a study tour at England.

Ex-Student’s Directory
2016 S.S.C Toppers

Janhvi Gumgaokar

94.80 %

Humanshu Prakhade

93.60 %

Aniket Likhar


Nupur Dudhe


Sakshi Gajbhiye


Sakshi Surkar

90.40 %

Aishwarya Nagale

90.20 %

Namrahajahn Sayyed


Prachi Supariwale

90.20 %

Snehal Khapekar

90.00 %

Ameya Burade

90.00 %

Dhanashri Pophali

90.00 %

Sarvesh Itroutwar

90.00 %