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High School and Junior College

Shri. Ashok Meshram is the Principal of Shri. Rajendra High School and Junior College. He is B.sc., B.Ed., M.A. (Marathi,Economics, Political Science, Dr. Ambedkar Thought)., M.Ed having a long teaching experience .

Primary School

Miss Shila Tiwari- B.Sc(II) and D.Ed is evergetic to perform her duty as a Principal. She has done many good things for students such as calligraphy, cursive writing, started abacus. She also motivated the students to take part in Cricket, Chess & Skating. Students also took part in dance and Music Classes.

Nandanvan School Principal

Mrs. Kalyani Sutaoney- M.A, B.Ed and D.Ed is the principal of Nandanvan School. Previously, she was teaching in our Mahal School for the last 20years. She was upgraded as Principal. She is skillfull in her activities such as craft, drawing, Cursive writing and inspired students to take interest in drama, music and dance.